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How to assemble the Plant Stand

Our Plant Stand has been designed so we utilise as much of the wood as possible, creating minimal waste and require less packaging; therefore we have designed it to be flat-packed. 

In the box you will have 8 screws and 2 fixing plates.

Step 1

  • Interlock the 2 small crossbars and the 2 large crossbars.
  • Attach the fixing plate using the pre-drilled holes and screws. Please use a screw driver rather than a drill. 

Step 2

  • You can lean the joints together to start with but as you progress you'll have to find a flat table edge for the final pieces. Keeping the elements parallel, line up the joint like a puzzle and press down firmly (see examples below). They will be a tight fit and some might require a light tap of a hammer. Use something in-between the hammer and the plant stand to avoid any marking.


Step 3

  • Add the base shelf. This will lock over the cross bar. 

Things to consider

  • Once your stand is constructed, try not to dismantle it again as it will make the joints weak. 
  • They are stable but I would advise keeping them in the corner of the room and ideally not in the thoroughfare of your house. Just like anything tall and freestanding!
  • It's finished with a hard wax oil and will be resistant to splashes but don't let water pool on the surface.
  • The paint is natural and there might be variations in the tone and coverage. It will pick up the highlights of the wood. 
  • Cleaning: wipe down with a slightly damp cloth. 


Thanks so much for your purchase!